The project

In MUSTER – Multi-level governance for an Integrated, Sustainable, Regional development – five European cities and one territorial development agency have joined together to work on the subject of local democracy and stakeholder participation for a smart, integrated, sustainable regional development in the logic of the European Commission’s Urban Agenda of the 2014-2020 period.

In the Commission’s program Europe for Citizens, sub-programme Democratic engagement and civic participation MUSTER is part of the Action Network of Towns.

The activities will deal with four central themes of regional sustainability:

  • Culture and tourism
  • Social cohesion, fighting poverty and social discomfort
  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Energy and mobility

In five meetings in Città di Castello, Lörrach, Joué lès Tours and Smolyan the partners will get to know the state of arts in the other cities, study some solutions in-depth, experience and practice innovative forms of citizen’s participation, select actions to work on together and construct so step-by-step a lasting network. The basis are some pre-existing collaborations, the similarity in problems to be tackled and a strong European commitment of all partners.