The neighbourhood committees of Joué-lès-Tours: a local authority communicates with its citizens

post_20150923In the local level governance context, neighbourhood committees, have a vital role. In some urban areas, local authorities and neighbourhood committees work closely together to build and organize integrated urban development, obtaining winning results for their city. This is the case of Joué-lès-Tours. The municipality of Joué-lès-Tours provides a good model of ensuring a constructive dialogue between local policy maker and citizen’s representatives. The city has promoted the establishment of 7 neighbourhood committees with their own budget, which amounted to 150,000 euros in 2014. Why, we would wonder? The city believes strongly that consultation with the neighbourhood committees gives citizens an arena to express themselves, to elaborate innovative proposals, and to find collective solutions for improving citizens’ lives. These committees elaborate proposals in fields like: solidarity, environment, maintenance and cleanliness, events, culture, urban planning and transport. Each year a meeting takes place in a different area of the city – it’s the “hub” of the neighbourhood committees. The Board members are appointed at this meeting and it is also an opportunity to meet with elected officials. A network of neighbourhood committees reduces the distance between town hall, and the civic society, business and the voluntary sector and favours democratic participation and commitment.

For more information about the neighbourhood committees of Joué-lès-Tours check here.

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