Practical Utopias Agency

utopie_451x279pxThe Agency of Practical Utopias is a small think-tank that works on issues of sustainable local development in a social-ecological perspective. It has elaborated in the past years scenarios and practical solutions in the fields of energy and climate policies, sustainable mobility, urban development, adaptation to climate change, and green business. The results of its own work and European-wide best practices in these fields of interest are being presented in publications, conferences, workshops and actions in order to raise awareness and inform, orient and sustain decision makers in the public and the private sector and active citizens.

The Agency was founded in 1999 by the Region of Umbria, the Province of Perugia and the city of Città di Castello and is coordinated by Karl-Ludwig Schibel. It builds on the experience of the Fair of Practical Utopias which takes place in Città di Castello since 1988, founded by Alexander Langer. His concept of ecological conversion continues to guide the day-to-day work of the Agency which thankfully acknowledges the support of the city of Città di Castello and the Region of Umbria.