If there is any town that can surprise you, then Lörrach. 49,000 inhabitants live in the district town that is the cultural and economic center in the tri-border region of Germany, France, and Switzerland. Lörrach is well-known for its picturesque market places, the excellent cuisine and the STIMMEN (VOICES) festival. The beautiful center with a large pedestrian zone and street cafes with southern atmosphere invites to stroll around at leisure.

The groundbreaking development of Lörrach to a center of service industries is continuing to create interesting jobs. Since Lörrach offers a manifold of educational offers and leisure activities, it is a sought after location.

Over the last decade, Lörrach has committed to sustainable development with a focus on energy savings and renewable energies. Lörrach has a long history of awards. Lörrach was the first German city to be awarded the Swiss label Energiestadt in 2002 and the first municipality in the German State of Baden-Württemberg to win the European Energy Award in 2007.

By implementing several energy-savings policies, Lörrach earned the Gold European Energy Award in 2010 and 2013. More recently, Lörrach was awarded second place among medium-sized cities at the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2013.