MUSTER – A concluding remark

coverBP_2The MUSTER project has established a network between the participating cities, Città di Castello as lead partner, with Joué lès Tours, Lörrach, Sighisoara and Smolyan as partners. Integrated, Sustainable, Regional development is an over-riding goal of local government, it cannot be confined to any single office or department. The project dealt with it looking at the many forms of participation and elaboration of a common vision in the partner cities. As to the concrete fields of action MUSTER dwelt on energy, mobility, economic development, in particular strengthening local agriculture, social cohesion and Public Private Partnerships. The good practices have been collected in an anthology. The presentation of activities and strategic goals alternated with visits to the sites of examples of excellence thus giving the delegations the opportunity to present, to discuss and to touch. This part of the programme was consistently highly appreciated and all participants agreed to have gained very much from seeing and experiencing how things are done in other, comparable cities.
An important element, above all in the meetings in Città di Castello and Smolyan, was the involvement of the schools and associations of young people. The discourse on sustainability and the future of Europe lives and dies with the capacity to find ways of inserting these themest into the life world and daily routines of the adolescents.
MUSTER reached a wide group of people directly and a multiple number of people indirectly. The title and the logo, that at the same time seem familiar and stimulate curiosity, were used widely on the website, the Facebook page, in press releases and other communication. The materials provided on the website have been elaborated with care and attention was given to render them easily accessible.
A variety of methods were applied during the meetings. Traditional workshops were followed by more open formats like Sharing Labs, thematic working groups and onsite visits. The open and interactive forms helped to make the meetings more personal and to increase continuously the trust of the participants in the project and in each other. It will be this high level of confidence among the group as well as motivation that offers very good chances that the network, that formally is sustained by a Memorandum of Understanding, will continue to collaborate.

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