Third meeting | Program


From Masterplan to Urban Agenda – Putting the Pieces together
3rd Project Meeting “MUSTER”
July 6-8, 2016 | Joué lès Tours


Wednesday, July 6

20.00 | Common dinner

Thursday, July 7

Partner Meeting | “MUSTER” for a Europe of Citizens

9.00 | Welcome

9.20 | Presentation of the program

9.45 | Local integrated sustainable development – the state of affairs in the partner cities

The European Commission and many national programs attribute a high value to integrating the various territorial planning processes and the resulting plans into an encompassing, overreaching project of sustainable local development.
What is happening in this respect in the partner cities? Do they succeed in having inter-departmental planning processes, integrating urban, environmental, social aspects?

  • The Agenda 21 in Joué lès Tours
  • Smolyan: Local impacts from Smart City Planning
  • The social-economic strategy 2014-2020 of Sighisoara
  • The integration of “Design Lörrach. Together” with the sectorial planning processes and the process of monitoring”
  • The Urban Agenda of Città di Castello

11.15 | Coffee break

11.45 | Presentation of the Bretonnières lake gateway, Laurent Clisson and Mariana Peisré

12.30 | Lunch

14.00 | Guided visit “farm-to-fork system” and the local products
Vergers de Charlemagne: Antoine Idzik
Vignes de la Liodières

17.00 | Round table on the initiatives in the partner cities on farmers’ markets, green areas, biodiversity

19.00 | Common Dinner

Friday, July 8

09.00 | The tramline and mobility in Joué lès Tours

09.45 | Round table on Sustainable mobility and the bicycle with presentations by the partners as to the cycling infrastructure of their cities
Fabien Frugier and Paul Milliken, Collectif Cycliste 37

11.00 | Coffee Break

11.15 | Discussion of the Draft of the “Memorandum of Understanding” as a basis for a formal agreement of cooperation between the five cities

12.15 | Lunch with only local products

13.30 | Presentation of the “Loire à vélo” and of the “guinguette” of Tours with the tramline

17.00 | Participation and decision making (meeting with representatives of district councils and council of Elders)

18.00 | Conclusions

18.45 | Press conference

19.30 | Final dinner

July 6 – 8

Venue | Exposition: Agenda 21