Intelligent public lighting to reduce energy consumption in Città di Castello

post_20151013Many municipalities today are concentrating on rendering public lighting more efficient.

Ensuring a high level of security for citizens who move on foot, by bike or car, but also increase the decorum of the city and at the same time reduce energy consumption are the main goals to be realized together.

In this context, the town of Città di Castello, has upgraded most of the lighting of the old city walls, and half the lights in the historic centre.

The resulting effect was not only an energy saving of 64% but also an improvement of the service with a white light very near to sunlight.

The lowering of energy consumption by almost two thirds has been possible not only through the installation of energy saving light bulbs but also through an intelligent remote management that allows to turn on/off and dim each light point separately, and moreover signals any malfunctions, allowing to intervene quickly.

The system is already designed to be equipped with intelligent systems, such as video surveillance, remote assistance, access control, Wi-Fi, etc.

In the context of the urban agenda the new, intelligent lighting system will be extended to the whole historic centre including the historic city walls and squares, the Dome and the Civic Tower, adding wi-fi and video surveillance. .

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