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Agenda 21 in Joué lès Tours is moving forward

agenda21The municipality of Joué-lès-Tours is a leading city in France in sustainable development. The staff participates actively in the development of the Agenda 21. A group of 15 employees are active in this field and serve as reference persons for their colleagues.

The sustainable development service has implemented a number of actions to raise the awaren… Read more

Discover Joué lès Tours natural side

JLT_festaprimaveraOn Saturday, April 30 the city of Joué lès Tours invited all citizens to the municipal greenhouses in the Parc de la Rabière to discover the natural side of Joué under the motto: “Make Spring”. The greenhouses were open all day and the city employees working in the urban green office offered advice and help on how to grow plants indoor, basketry, recog… Read more

Lörrach has received an award for “Close to Nature” – Natur nah dran

Natur nah dran_150x150The second meeting of MUSTER concluded with a guided tour at the beginning of which Deputy Mayor Dr. Wilke presented the action plan for biodiversity of the city of Lörrach. The city is transforming a part of its green areas into living spaces for a great variety of plants and animals. Many of these areas are monocultures for simply covering the ground. These … Read more

The Mayor of Smolyan has held a Round table on the importance of Tourism

post_20151009A forum focused on “Smolyan Municipality’s visible results from tourism” took place end of September chaired by Mayor Nikolay Melemov.

Tourism is a major priority in the agenda of Smolyan with its exceptional natural and cultural resources. The town of Smolyan lies in the heart of the Rhodope mountain, some 220 km to the southeast from the capital ci… Read more

Sighisoara highlights diversity in an intercultural dialogue between ethnic groups

post_20151001Since 14 years, at the end of every summer, the city of Sighisoara organizes a special event, which highlights the cultural wealth of the ethnic communities in Romania: the “Pro Etnica Festival”. Through this initiative, the city wants to create an opportunity to discover the vast multicultural heritage in a dialogue with the different ethn… Read more

The neighbourhood committees of Joué-lès-Tours: a local authority communicates with its citizens

post_20150923In the local level governance context, neighbourhood committees, have a vital role. In some urban areas, local authorities and neighbourhood committees work closely together to build and organize integrated urban development, obtaining winning results for their city. This is the case of Joué-lès-Tours. The municipality of Joué-lès-Tours pr… Read more

Urban good practices in pills: an online guest survey signed by Lörrach!

post_20150914The town of Lörrach gives us some good ideas on how to improve tourism in the city. The Municipality highlights “Your satisfaction is very important to us”, therefore, the city started the online guest survey 2015. The results will serve to enhance and highlight the quality of tourism services. To deepen the survey method built up by City of Lörrach&#… Read more